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"Apartment 5C"

"The apartment isn’t much, stiff wallpaper frayed along the stairwell where hands have passed over it during every ascent and descent since its erection in the fifties, rips visible under the pale spark of a grimy lamp that hangs in the corridor, always rocking with a steady creak-pop-creak, though I’ve never felt a breeze in this portion of the complex and the fixture is too high to touch . . ."

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Willow Moss and Kindling Book 1


Taylor Shepeard's debut novel, Leather and Sage, releases November 21, 2021. Join her newsletter for a free sneak peak at the world of Willow Moss and Kindling

3Elements Review


Read "Poof", an original short, on November 1, 2021 with the release of 3Elements Review's Fall Issue. Until then, visit their site and read their current issue! 

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