Taylor Shepeard

Hey Everyone!

Taylor Shepeard here. I'm thrilled you've taken the chance to explore my site and hope you've had the opportunity to read some of my short stories. If not, take a peek here

A writing enthusiast and coffee connoisseur, I have been passionate about the written word since I was a child. When I went to work with my mother, I lounged in a library for hours. When I went to work with my dad, I got cozy in a theatre seat and watched the newest movies. I guess you could say that my obsession with telling stories by way of authorship was inevitable. 


Either way, here I am! And here you are, hopefully a writer in your own right, or a reader, or simply exploring. Exploration is good, too. No matter what, you got to learn a bit more about me.


"There's a difference between describing and evoking something. You can describe something and be quite clinical about it. To evoke it, you call it up in the reader. That's what writers do when they're good.

--Margaret Atwood